A Comparison of Strategies to Improve Uptake of COVID-19 Vaccine among High-Risk Adults in Nairobi, Kenya in 2022

Vaccines (Basel). 2023 Jan 17;11(2):209. doi: 10.3390/vaccines11020209.


BACKGROUND: COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Kenya is still low compared to other countries, especially in Europe and North America. In most parts of the country, a large percentage of the Kenyan population remains unvaccinated. As of October 2022, the Ministry of Health (Kenya) estimates that only 36.2% of the adult population had been fully vaccinated.

METHODS: We conducted an experimental study in April 2022 targeting unvaccinated adults who had a history of hypertension and/or diabetes and those in the 60+ age group. We tested various messaging approaches using two different intervention channels.

RESULTS: Although the overall rate of vaccinated individuals according to national records is low, responses from the study group collected through phone call conversations show that higher-risk adults such as those older than 60 or those with chronic illnesses have a remarkably high vaccination rate of 89%. After the study, four participants received a COVID-19 vaccine within 1 month of the intervention. These four participants all received a loss-messaging intervention approach during the study.

CONCLUSION: This study supports a national approach to increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates using loss-messaging directed at unvaccinated, high-risk individuals.

PMID:36851086 | PMC:PMC9965704 | DOI:10.3390/vaccines11020209


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