A Diamine-Oriented Biorefinery Concept Using Ammonia and Raney Ni as a Multifaceted Catalyst

Chem Ing Tech. 2022 Nov;94(11):1808-1817. doi: 10.1002/cite.202200091. Epub 2022 Sep 19.


Diamines are important industrial chemicals. In this paper we outline the feasibility of lignocellulose as a source of diol-containing molecules. We also illustrate the possibility of turning these diols into their diamines in good to excellent yields. Central to these transformations is the use of commercially available Raney Ni. For diol formation, the Raney Ni engages in hydrogenation and often also demethoxylation, that way funneling multiple components to one single molecule. For diamine formation, Raney Ni catalyzes hydrogen-borrowing mediated diamination in the presence of NH3.

PMID:36632530 | PMC:PMC9826469 | DOI:10.1002/cite.202200091


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