A Light/Pressure Bifunctional Electronic Skin Based on a Bilayer Structure of PEDOT:PSS-Coated Cellulose Paper/CsPbBr3 QDs Film

Polymers (Basel). 2023 Apr 29;15(9):2136. doi: 10.3390/polym15092136.


With the continuous development of electronic skin (e-skin), multifunctional e-skin is approaching, and in some cases even surpassing, the capabilities of real human skin, which has garnered increasing attention. Especially, if e-skin processes eye’s function, it will endow e-skins more powerful advantages, such as the vision reparation, enhanced security, improved adaptability and enhanced interactivity. Here, we first study the photodetector based on CsPbBr3 quantum dots film and the pressure sensor based on PEDOT: PSS-coated cellulose paper, respectively. On the base of these two kinds of sensors, a light/pressure bifunctional sensor was successfully fabricated. Finally, flexible bifunctional sensors were obtained by using a flexible interdigital electrode. They can simultaneously detect light and pressure stimulation. As e-skin, a high photosensitivity with a switching ratio of 168 under 405 nm light at a power of 40 mW/cm2 was obtained and they can also monitor human motions in the meantime. Our work showed that the strategy to introduce perovskite photodetectors into e-skins is feasible and may open a new way for the development of flexible multi-functional e-skin.

PMID:37177282 | PMC:PMC10181253 | DOI:10.3390/polym15092136


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