Activation of perfluoroalkyl iodides by anions: extending the scope of halogen bond activation to C(sp3)-H amidation, C(sp2)-H iodination, and perfluoroalkylation reactions

Chem Sci. 2023 Jan 24;14(7):1732-1741. doi: 10.1039/d2sc06145g. eCollection 2023 Feb 15.


A simple, efficient, and convenient activation of perfluoroalkyl iodides by tBuONa or KOH, without expensive photo- or transition metal catalysts, allows the promotion of versatile α-sp3 C-H amidation reactions of alkyl ethers and benzylic hydrocarbons, C-H iodination of heteroaryl compounds, and perfluoroalkylations of electron-rich π bonds. Mechanistic studies show that these novel protocols are based on the halogen bond interaction between perfluoroalkyl iodides and tBuONa or KOH, which promote homolysis of perfluoroalkyl iodides under mild conditions.

PMID:36819859 | PMC:PMC9930934 | DOI:10.1039/d2sc06145g


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