Advancements in MXene-Polymer Nanocomposites in Energy Storage and Biomedical Applications

Polymers (Basel). 2022 Aug 22;14(16):3433. doi: 10.3390/polym14163433.


MXenes are 2D ceramic materials, especially carbides, nitrides, and carbonitrides derived from their parent ‘MAX’ phases by the etching out of ‘A’ and are famous due to their conducting, hydrophilic, biocompatible, and tunable properties. However, they are hardly stable in the outer environment, have low biodegradability, and have difficulty in drug release, etc., which are overcome by MXene/Polymer nanocomposites. The MXenes terminations on MXene transferred to the polymer after composite formation makes it more functional. With this, there is an increment in photothermal conversion efficiency for cancer therapy, higher antibacterial activity, biosensors, selectivity, bone regeneration, etc. The hydrophilic surfaces become conducting in the metallic range after the composite formation. MXenes can effectively be mixed with other materials like ceramics, metals, and polymers in the form of nanocomposites to get improved properties suitable for advanced applications. In this paper, we review different properties like electrical and mechanical, including capacitances, dielectric losses, etc., of nanocomposites more than those like Ti3C2Tx/polymer, Ti3C2/UHMWPE, MXene/PVA-KOH, Ti3C2Tx/PVA, etc. along with their applications mainly in energy storing and biomedical fields. Further, we have tried to enlist the MXene-based nanocomposites and compare them with conducting polymers and other nanocomposites. The performance under the NIR absorption seems more effective. The MXene-based nanocomposites are more significant in most cases than other nanocomposites for the antimicrobial agent, anticancer activity, drug delivery, bio-imaging, biosensors, micro-supercapacitors, etc. The limitations of the nanocomposites, along with possible solutions, are mentioned.

PMID:36015690 | PMC:PMC9415062 | DOI:10.3390/polym14163433


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