Advances Focusing on the Application of Decellularized Extracellular Matrix in Periodontal Regeneration

Biomolecules. 2023 Apr 14;13(4):673. doi: 10.3390/biom13040673.


The decellularized extracellular matrix (dECM) is capable of promoting stem cell proliferation, migration, adhesion, and differentiation. It is a promising biomaterial for application and clinical translation in the field of periodontal tissue engineering as it most effectively preserves the complex array of ECM components as they are in native tissue, providing ideal cues for regeneration and repair of damaged periodontal tissue. dECMs of different origins have different advantages and characteristics in promoting the regeneration of periodontal tissue. dECM can be used directly or dissolved in liquid for better flowability. Multiple ways were developed to improve the mechanical strength of dECM, such as functionalized scaffolds with cells that harvest scaffold-supported dECM through decellularization or crosslinked soluble dECM that can form injectable hydrogels for periodontal tissue repair. dECM has found recent success in many periodontal regeneration and repair therapies. This review focuses on the repairing effect of dECM in periodontal tissue engineering, with variations in cell/tissue sources, and specifically discusses the future trend of periodontal regeneration and the future role of soluble dECM in entire periodontal tissue regeneration.

PMID:37189420 | PMC:PMC10136219 | DOI:10.3390/biom13040673


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