Advances of plant and biomass extracted zirconium nanoparticles in dental implant application

Heliyon. 2023 May 6;9(5):e15973. doi: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2023.e15973. eCollection 2023 May.


Nanoparticles are minimal materials with unique physicochemical features that set them apart from bulk materials of the same composition. These properties make nanoparticles highly desirable for use in commercial and medical research. The primary intention for the development of nanotechnology is to achieve overarching social objectives like bettering our understanding of nature, boosting productivity, improving healthcare, and extending the bounds of sustainable development and human potential. Keeping this as a motivation, Zirconia nanoparticles are becoming the preferred nanostructure for modern biomedical applications. This nanotechnology is exceptionally versatile and has several potential uses in dental research. This review paper concentrated on the various benefits of zirconium nanoparticles in dentistry and how they provide superior strength and flexibility compared to their counterparts. Moreover, the popularity of zirconium nanoparticles is also growing as it has strong biocompatibility potency. Zirconium nanoparticles can be used to develop or address the major difficulty in dentistry. Therefore, this review paper aims to provide a summary of the fundamental research and applications of zirconium nanoparticles in dental implants.

PMID:37215906 | PMC:PMC10192772 | DOI:10.1016/j.heliyon.2023.e15973


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