Air leak and intraoperative bleeding in thoracic surgery: a Delphi consensus among the members of Italian society of thoracic surgery

J Thorac Dis. 2022 Oct;14(10):3842-3853. doi: 10.21037/jtd-22-619.


BACKGROUND: Persistent air leak and the management of intraoperative blood loss are common threats in thoracic surgical practice. The availability of new procedures, technology and materials is constantly evolving topical hemostats and surgical sealants must be added to this toolkit. Topical hemostats and surgical sealants differ according to their chemical nature and physical characteristics, to their origin and mechanism of action, regulatory/registration and vigilance paths. A Delphi consensus was set to highlight the different points of view on the use of topical haemostatic products and sealants among the members of Italian Society of thoracic surgery.

METHODS: The board was formed by a group of five Italian experts; in the first phase after a careful review of the scientific literature and two rounds, the board finally generated 16 consensus statements for testing across a wider audience. During the second phase, the statements were collated into a questionnaire, which was electronically sent to a panel of 46 Italian surgeons, experts in the field.

RESULTS: Out of 46 Italian surgeons, 33 (72%) panel members responded to the Delphi questionnaire. All the items reached a positive consensus, with elevated levels of agreement, as demonstrated by the presence of a 100% consensus for nine items. For the remaining 7 statements the minimum level of consent was 88% (29 participants approved the statement and 4 disagreed) and the maximum was 97% (32 participants approved the statement and 1 was in disagreement).

CONCLUSIONS: The present Delphi analysis shows that air leak and intraoperative bleeding are clinical problems well known among thoracic surgeons. Nevertheless, the aim of the scientific societies and of the group of experts is to execute the education activities in the surgery community. This Delphi survey suggest the need of wider and updated scientific information about technical and registration characteristics of most recent technologic solutions, such as the of topical hemostats and surgical sealants to provide healthcare and administrative staff with the opportunity to work and interact through a common and shared language and eventually to guarantee minimal requirements of assistance.

PMID:36389328 | PMC:PMC9641338 | DOI:10.21037/jtd-22-619


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