Alternatives to Iridium: A Polyaza[7]helicene as a Strongly Reductive Visible Light Photoredox Catalyst

ACS Org Inorg Au. 2022 Jul 13;2(5):415-421. doi: 10.1021/acsorginorgau.2c00022. eCollection 2022 Oct 5.


The use of a readily accessible polyazahelicene as a strongly reducing metal-free alternative to the commonly used precious metal based photoredox catalysts is demonstrated. An improved two-step synthesis of the catalyst is described, and its photophysical properties with respect to its use as a photoredox catalyst are evaluated. Its activity under visible light irradiation is proven by application in two double radical light-driven multicomponent reactions. The azahelicene gave comparable results to an iridium-based catalyst originally used for the same transformations.

PMID:36855668 | PMC:PMC9955290 | DOI:10.1021/acsorginorgau.2c00022


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