Applications of mannose-binding lectins and mannan glycoconjugates in nanomedicine

J Nanopart Res. 2022;24(11):228. doi: 10.1007/s11051-022-05594-1. Epub 2022 Nov 4.


Glycosylated nanoparticles (NPs) have drawn a lot of attention in the biomedical field over the past few decades, particularly in applications like targeted drug delivery. Mannosylated NPs and mannan-binding lectins/proteins (MBL/MBP) are emerging as promising tools for delivery of drugs, medicines, and enzymes to targeted tissues and cells as nanocarriers, enhancing their therapeutic benefits while avoiding the adverse effects of the drug. The occurrence of plenty of lectin receptors and their mannan ligands on cell surfaces makes them multifaceted carriers appropriate for specific delivery of bioactive drug materials to their targeted sites. Thus, the present review describes the tethering of mannose (Man) to several nanostructures, like micelles, liposomes, and other NPs, applicable for drug delivery systems. Bioadhesion through MBL-like receptors on cells has involvements applicable to additional arenas of science, for example gene delivery, tissue engineering, biomaterials, and nanotechnology. This review also focuses on the role of various aspects of drug/antigen delivery using (i) mannosylated NPs, (ii) mannosylated lectins, (iii) amphiphilic glycopolymer NPs, and (iv) natural mannan-containing polysaccharides, with most significant applications of MBL-based NPs as multivalent scaffolds, using different strategies.

GRAPHICAL ABSTRACT: Mannosylated NPs and/or MBL/MBP are coming up as viable and versatile tools as nanocarriers to deliver drugs and enzymes precisely to their target tissues or cells. The presence of abundant number of lectin receptors and their mannan ligands on cell surfaces makes them versatile carriers suitable for the targeted delivery of bioactive drugs.

PMID:36373057 | PMC:PMC9638366 | DOI:10.1007/s11051-022-05594-1


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