Sorption-enhanced gasification of municipal solid waste for hydrogen production: a comparative techno-economic analysis using limestone, dolomite and doped limestone

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Metagenomic analysis of the microbiome of the upper reproductive tract: combating ovarian cancer through predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine

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New Developments in T Cell Immunometabolism and Therapeutic Implications for Type 1 Diabetes

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Spontaneous Riboflavin-Overproducing Limosilactobacillus reuteri for Biofortification of Fermented Foods

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Ocean mover’s distance: using optimal transport for analysing oceanographic data

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From a Hetero- to a Methylotrophic Lifestyle: Flash Back on the Engineering Strategies to Create Synthetic Methanol-User Strains

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Assessment of the electrical penetration of cell membranes using four-frequency impedance cytometry

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Modifying Surface Charges of a Thermophilic Laccase Toward Improving Activity and Stability in Ionic Liquid

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