Chemo-Biocascade Reactions Enabled by Metal-Organic Framework Micro-Nanoreactor

Research (Wash D C). 2022 Aug 15;2022:9847698. doi: 10.34133/2022/9847698. eCollection 2022.


The one-pot combination of biocatalytic and chemocatalytic reactions represents an economically and ecologically attractive concept in the emerging cascade processes for manufacturing. The mutual incompatibility of biocatalysis and chemocatalysis, however, usually causes the deactivation of catalysts, the mismatching of reaction dynamic, and further challenges their integration into concurrent chemo-biocascades. Herein, we have developed a convenient strategy to construct versatile functional metal-organic framework micro-nanoreactors (MOF-MNRs), which can realize not only the encapsulation and protection of biocatalysts but also the controllable transmission of substances and the mutual communication of the incompatible chemo-biosystems. Importantly, the MOFs serving as the shell of MNRs have the capability of enriching the chemocatalysts on the surface and improving the activity of the chemocatalysts to sufficiently match the optimum aqueous reaction system of biocatalysts, which greatly increase the efficiency in the combined concurrent chemo-biocatalysis. Such strategy of constructing MOF-MNRs provides a unique platform for connecting the “two worlds” of chemocatalysis and biocatalysis.

PMID:36072270 | PMC:PMC9414180 | DOI:10.34133/2022/9847698


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