Cost analysis of extended half-life recombinant factor IX products in the treatment of haemophilia B in Italy: an update

Glob Reg Health Technol Assess. 2022 Jan 19;9:9-13. doi: 10.33393/grhta.2022.2331. eCollection 2022 Jan-Dec.


Haemophilia B (HB) is a rare disease which may lead to chronic disabling arthropathy, resulting in a significant clinical, social and economic impact. In recent years, new extended half-life (EHL) factor IX concentrates produced by recombinant technology (rFIX) have been developed. They have shown significantly prolonged half-life as compared to other rFIX products and improved bleeding control when used as prophylaxis. To date, EHL rFIX products reimbursed in Italy are a recombinant coagulation factor IX produced with Fc technology (rFIXFc) and a recombinant fusion protein containing rFIX fused with recombinant albumin (rIX-FP). The results of extension studies with injection intervals with a median of almost every 14 days for the complete individualized interval prophylaxis (IP) group on rFIXFc and 21 days for a selected subgroup of patients on rIX-FP have recently been published. The aim of this analysis was to estimate the cost of prophylactic treatment with rFIXFc and rIX-FP in adult patients, in the light of new clinical evidence and current average prices in Italy. The cost of therapy was estimated on the basis of the results of extension studies, the average prices reported in regional drug tenders and assuming an average patient weight of 70 kg. The analysis estimated a cost per patient/year between €224,407 and €230,355 for rFIXFc and between €242,259 and €368,587 for rIX-FP. The sensitivity analysis confirmed the robustness of the results. The use of rFIXFc over rIX-FP proves to be the least expensive choice for the treatment of HB in Italy.

PMID:36628322 | PMC:PMC9768593 | DOI:10.33393/grhta.2022.2331


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