Current status and challenges in uterine myometrial tissue engineering

Bioengineered. 2023 Dec;14(1):2251847. doi: 10.1080/21655979.2023.2251847.


The uterus undergoes significant modifications throughout pregnancy to support embryo development and fetal growth. However, conditions like fibroids, adenomyosis, cysts, and C-section scarring can cause myometrial damage. The importance of the uterus and the challenges associated with myometrial damage, and the need for alternative approaches are discussed in this review. The review also explores the recent studies in tissue engineering, which involve principles of combining cells, scaffolds, and signaling molecules to create functional uterine tissues. It focuses on two key approaches in uterine tissue engineering: scaffold technique using decellularized, natural, and synthetic polymer and 3D bioprinting. These techniques create supportive structures for cell growth and tissue formation. Current treatment options for myometrial damage have limitations, leading to the exploration of regenerative medicine and integrative therapies. The review emphasizes the potential benefits of tissue engineering, including more effective and less invasive treatment options for myometrial damage. The challenges of developing biocompatible materials and optimizing cell growth and differentiation are discussed. In conclusion, uterine tissue engineering holds promise for myometrial regeneration and the treatment of related conditions. This review highlights the scientific advancements in the field and underscores the potential of tissue engineering as a viable approach. By addressing the limitations of current treatments, tissue engineering offers new possibilities for improving reproductive health and restoring uterine functionality. Future research shall focus on overcoming challenges and refining tissue engineering strategies to advance the field and provide effective solutions for myometrial damage and associated disorders.

PMID:37665570 | PMC:PMC10478746 | DOI:10.1080/21655979.2023.2251847


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