Designing of an Enhanced Fuzzy Logic Controller of an Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator under Variable Wind Speed

Sensors (Basel). 2023 Mar 30;23(7):3628. doi: 10.3390/s23073628.


On account of active governmental stimulation operations in many countries, the residential production of electricity from renewable resources has increased considerably. Due to high efficiency and reliability, a recommended solution for residential wind energy conservation systems (WECS) is permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSG). A higher torque ripple (TR), engendered by the contact of the stator with the rotor’s magnetomotive force harmonics, is one foremost issue in PMSGs. To control the synchronous generator, numerous control schemes have been proposed. However, it still faces a challenge in the diminishment of the TR. An enhanced fuzzy logic controller (EFLC) in interior PMSG (IPSMG) under variable wind speed (WS) has been proposed in this article to address this challenge. Initially, the wind turbine (WT) system was designed, and the IPMSG was proposed. A hysteresis controller (HC) and fuzzy logic controller (FLC) are the two controller types utilized in this model to control TR. This methodology used the EFLC to eliminate errors during the control. By using the proper membership function (MF) for boundary selection in the WDCSO algorithm, an enhancement was executed. Better performance in TR reduction was attained by the proposed model grounded in the analysis.

PMID:37050688 | DOI:10.3390/s23073628


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