Development of prebiotic yogurt with addition of green-banana biomass (Musa spp.)

An Acad Bras Cienc. 2023 Aug 4;95(suppl 1):e20220532. doi: 10.1590/0001-3765202320220532. eCollection 2023.


This study evaluated the technological viability of yogurt with the addition of green-banana biomass (Musa spp.) considering the resistant starch (BBV) as a potential prebiotic ingredient and texture agent. Four yogurt formulations were prepared: control; 3% BBV; 5% BBV; and 10% BBV. They were subjected to analysis of resistant starch, lactose, fat, total dry extract, defatted dry extract, moisture, ash, proteins, pH and titratable acidity; syneresis analysis, instrumental texture and instrumental color. All four formulations met the requirements of the identity and quality regulation for fermented milks regarding the physicochemical and microbiological parameters. In the instrumental color analysis, in all treatments with added BBV, darkening was observed after 21 days, with a reduction of a* coordinate and an increase of b* coordinate. In the instrumental texture analysis, the yogurt in the Control treatment had the highest firmness (0.430 N) at 21 days among these treatments. Among the treatments with added BBV, the yogurt with 5% added BBV showed the best results for increasing the viability of lactic bacteria. It was found that yogurt with added BBV is a promising alternative in the elaboration of functional dairy products, adding value to the banana production chain by reducing the green fruit waste.

PMID:37556713 | DOI:10.1590/0001-3765202320220532


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