Direct Conversion of Methane to Propylene

Research (Wash D C). 2023 Sep 8;6:0218. doi: 10.34133/research.0218. eCollection 2023.


Nonoxidative coupling of methane exhibits promising prospect in that it affords value-added hydrocarbons and hydrogen with high atom economy. However, challenge remains in direct, selective conversion of methane to more valuable hydrocarbons like olefins. The current work presents a catalyst with well-dispersed Ta atoms anchored by graphitic C3N4-supported phthalocyanine. Such a catalyst is able to convert methane selectively to ethylene and propylene at a relatively low temperature (350 °C). The conception of the active center and construction of the catalyst have been described, and the origins of the catalytic performance are discussed.

PMID:37693174 | PMC:PMC10489882 | DOI:10.34133/research.0218


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