Early cancer detection using the fluorescent Ashwagandha chitosan nanoparticles combined with near-infrared light diffusion characterization: in vitro study

Lasers Med Sci. 2023 Jan 11;38(1):37. doi: 10.1007/s10103-022-03678-x.


Early cancer diagnosis through characterizing light propagation and nanotechnology increases the survival rate. The present research is aimed at evaluating the consequence of using natural nanoparticles in cancer therapy and diagnosis. Colon cancer cells were differentiated from the normal cells via investigating light diffusion combined with the fluorescence effect of the Ashwagandha chitosan nanoparticles (Ash C NPs). Ionic gelation technique synthesized the Ash C NPs. High-resolution transmission electron microscope, dynamic light scattering, and zeta potential characterized Ash C NPs. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analyzed Ash C NPs, chitosan, and Ashwagandha root water extract. Moreover, the MTT assay evaluated the cytotoxicity of Ash C NPs under the action of near-infrared light (NIR) irradiation. The MTT assay outcomes were statistically analyzed by Bonferroni post hoc multiple two-group comparisons using one-way variance analysis (ANOVA). Based on the Monte-Carlo simulation technique, the spatially resolved steady-state diffusely reflected light from the cancerous and healthy cells is acquired. The diffuse equation reconstructed the optical fluence rate using the finite element technique. The fluorescent effect of the nanoparticles was observed when the cells were irradiated with NIR. The MTT assay revealed a decrease in the cell viability under the action of Ash C NPs with and without laser irradiation. Colon cancer and normal cells were differentiated based on the optical characterization after laser irradiation. The light diffusion equation was successfully resolved for the fluence rate on cells’ surfaces showing different normal and cancer cells values. Ash C NPs appeared its fluorescent effect in the presence of NIR laser.

PMID:36627516 | PMC:PMC9832086 | DOI:10.1007/s10103-022-03678-x


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