Effect of integration of poultry manure and vinasse on the abundance and diversity of soil fauna, soil fertility index, and barley (Hordeum aestivum L.) growth in calcareous soils

BMC Plant Biol. 2022 Oct 19;22(1):492. doi: 10.1186/s12870-022-03881-6.


BACKGROUND: In Egypt, calcareous soils represent a large part of desert soils suffering from a shortage of nutrients and organic matter, affecting production and biological diversity in agroecosystems. Organic wastes, negatively affect the environment, recycling it as a promising technology in different farming systems, and its impact on crop productivity and soil fauna is largely unknown. In this study, the effects of integrating poultry manure (PM) alone or combined with vinasse (V) at rates of 4.2 g kg- 1 and 6.3 g kg- 1 in pots, on improving soil fauna diversity, soil fertility, soil consistency and yield of barley (Hordeum aestivum L.) grown in a calcareous soil were investigated.

RESULTS: The results showed that the addition of PM alone or combined with V at different rates led to a significant increase in the microbial biomass carbon (MBC), organic matter (OM), NPK soil availability and yield of barley. The addition of 6.3 g PM and 4.2 g V kg- 1 soil have the best results in OM with 65.0% compared to control, and V contributes more than 16% of them. Prostigmata and Collembola were the dominant groups and accounted for 43.3% and 50.0% in the PM1 and 50.0% and 20.0% in the PM2 of the total individuals, respectively. Shannon and Evenness indices increased significantly with the soil amended by PM alone or combined with V. Soil fauna plays a key role in soil consistency because of a significant relationship between soil fauna and soil OM, MBC and soil fertility index. The addition of 6.3 g PM and 4.2 g V kg- 1 soil gave the best results in grain yield by 76.90% compared to the control.

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, the interaction between PM and V can be used as a promising organic amendments to increase barley yield and improve efficiency of a recycled PM and V on soil fauna and soil fertility of calcareous soil.

PMID:36258172 | DOI:10.1186/s12870-022-03881-6


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