Effect of Sn on the CO Catalytic Activity and Water Resistance of Cu-Mn Catalyst

ACS Omega. 2022 Mar 29;7(14):12390-12400. doi: 10.1021/acsomega.2c01002. eCollection 2022 Apr 12.


In view of the problem that excessive CO in underground coal mine space can easily lead to a large number of casualties, Cu-Mn-Sn water-resistant eliminators with different Sn contents were prepared by a co-precipitation method. The activity of the eliminators was analyzed by using an independently developed activity testing platform, N2 adsorption and desorption, XRD, SEM, XPS, and FTIR to characterize the activity factors and water resistance. The results showed that Cu-Mn-Sn-20 with 20% Sn content had the highest activity, which was 3.23 times that of Cu-Mn. The main reason for the increased activity is that Cu-Mn-Sn-20 doped with 20% Sn provides a larger specific surface area and more active sites and reduces the pore size, so that the crystallization degree of Cu1.4Mn1.5O4 is lower. The doping of 20% Sn reduces the absorption of lattice water and coordination water and improves the water resistance of Cu-Mn-Sn-type eliminators. The Cu-Mn-Sn-20 water-resistant eliminator is used to quickly eliminate CO in underground coal mines, which is of great significance for the rescue workers in underground coal mines after disasters.

PMID:35449903 | PMC:PMC9016806 | DOI:10.1021/acsomega.2c01002


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