Enantioselective Thiolysis and Aminolysis of Cyclic Anhydrides Using a Chiral Diamine-Derived Thiourea Catalyst

ACS Omega. 2021 Nov 24;6(50):34501-34511. doi: 10.1021/acsomega.1c04741. eCollection 2021 Dec 21.


Catalytic desymmetrization of cyclic anhydrides has been widely investigated in the field of organocatalysis. Using this approach, many stereocenters can be established in a single, symmetry-breaking transformation. Herein, a thiourea organocatalyst was prepared in a single step from a chiral diamine, (R,R)-1,2-diphenylethylenediamine, and used for the desymmetrization of various cyclic anhydrides through double hydrogen-bonding activation. The asymmetric ring-opening reaction of the cyclic anhydride proceeded via the enantioselective addition reaction catalyzed by diamine thiourea. Thiolysis afforded the desired products in the yields of 86-98% and enantioselectivities of 60-94%, while aminolysis afforded the yields of 90-94% and enantioselectivities of 90-95%.

PMID:34963935 | PMC:PMC8697410 | DOI:10.1021/acsomega.1c04741


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