Estimation of Wideband Multi-Component Phasors Considering Signal Damping

Sensors (Basel). 2023 Aug 10;23(16):7071. doi: 10.3390/s23167071.


Harmonic and interharmonic content in power system signals is increasing with the development of renewable energy generation and power electronic devices. These multiple signal components can seriously degrade power quality, trip thermal generators, cause oscillations, and threaten system stability, especially the interharmonic tones with positive damping factors. The first step to mitigate these adverse effects is to accurately and quickly monitor signal features, including frequency, damping factor, amplitude, and phase. This paper proposes a concise and robust index to identify the number of modes present in the signal using the singular values of the Hankel matrix and discusses the scope of its application by testing the influence of various factors. Next, the simplified matrix pencil theory is employed to estimate the signal component frequency and damping factor. Then their estimates are considered in the modified least-squares algorithm to extract the wideband multi-component phasors accurately. Finally, this paper designs a series of scenarios considering varying signal frequency, damping factor, amplitude, and phase to test the proposed algorithm thoroughly. The results verify that the proposed method can achieve a maximum total vector error of less than 1.5%, which is more accurate than existing phasor estimators in various signal environments. The high accuracy of the proposed method is because it considers both the estimation of the frequency number and the effect of signal damping.

PMID:37631610 | PMC:PMC10459816 | DOI:10.3390/s23167071


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