Facile synthesis of the SnTe/SnSe binary nanocomposite via a hydrothermal route for flexible solid-state supercapacitors

RSC Adv. 2023 Apr 17;13(18):12009-12022. doi: 10.1039/d3ra01028g. eCollection 2023 Apr 17.


Environmental degradation and energy shortage are the two biggest problems facing the world right now. Because of the limited supply of non-renewable sources, the production of environment-friendly energy and its storage has gained significant importance. Pseudocapacitors have lately caught the interest of energy specialists due to their greater energy/power density and prolonged cycle life. In this work, binding-free SnTe/SnSe (STSS) electrodes deposited onto Ni foam (NF) as the conductive substrate have been developed by a facile hydrothermal route for supercapacitor applications. Several analytical tools were utilized to study the morphological, structural and textural characteristics. The electrochemical results obtained from a three-electrode system suggest that the STSS electrode material exhibits great specific capacitance (C s) of 1276 F g-1, specific energy (E d) of 46.45 W h kg-1 and specific power (P d) of 256 W kg-1 @ 1 A g-1. The results of C dl indicate that the STSS (31.28 mF) has a larger C dl value than those of SnTe (23.22 mF) and SnSe (26.35 mF). The analysis of electrochemical stability indicates that the STSS displays structural stability over 5000 cycles with a maximum capacitance retention of 96%. The Nyquist plot profile displayed a smaller R ct value for STSS (0.89 Ω) than SnSe (1.13 Ω) and SnTe (1.97 Ω). The symmetric behavior of STSS was determined in 2.0 M potassium hydroxide. The results reveal that this material has a specific capacitance of 537.72 F g-1 and specific energy of 78.32 W h kg-1. These findings suggest that the STSS electrode might serve as a potential candidate for supercapacitors and other energy-saving equipment.

PMID:37077269 | PMC:PMC10108834 | DOI:10.1039/d3ra01028g


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