High-throughput microbead assay system with a portable, cost-effective Wi-Fi imaging module, and disposable multi-layered microfluidic cartridges for virus and microparticle detection, and tracking

Res Sq. 2022 Dec 20:rs.3.rs-2383455. doi: 10.21203/rs.3.rs-2383455/v1. Preprint.


In recent years biomedical scientific community has been working towards the development of high-throughput devices that allow a reliable, rapid and parallel detection of several strains of virus or microparticles simultaneously. One of the complexities of this problem lies on the rapid prototyping of new devices and wireless rapid detection of small particles and virus alike. By reducing the complexity of microfluidics microfabrication and using economic materials along with makerspace tools (Avra Kundu, Ausaf, and Rajaraman 2018) it is possible to provide an affordable solution to both the problems of high-throughput devices and detection technologies. We present the development of a wireless, standalone device and disposable microfluidics chips that rapidly generate parallel readouts for selected, possible virus variants from a nasal or saliva sample, based on motorized and non-motorized microbeads detection, and imaging processing of the motion tracks of these beads in micrometers. Microbeads and SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 Delta variant were tested as proof-of-concept for testing the microfluidic cartridges and wireless imaging module. The Microbead Assay (MA) system kit consists of a WiFi readout module, a microfluidic chip, and a sample collection/processing sub-system. Here, we focus on the fabrication and characterization of the microfluidic chip to multiplex various micrometer-sized beads for economic, disposable, and simultaneous detection of up to six different viruses, microparticles or variants in a single test, and data collection using a commercially available, WiFi-capable, and camera integrated device (Fig. 1).

PMID:36597542 | PMC:PMC9810214 | DOI:10.21203/rs.3.rs-2383455/v1


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