Hybrid energy harvesting systems for self-powered sustainable water purification by harnessing ambient energy

Front Environ Sci Eng. 2023;17(10):118. doi: 10.1007/s11783-023-1718-9. Epub 2023 Apr 8.


The development of self-powered water purification technologies for decentralized applications is crucial for ensuring the provision of drinking water in resource-limited regions. The elimination of the dependence on external energy inputs and the attainment of self-powered status significantly expands the applicability of the treatment system in real-world scenarios. Hybrid energy harvesters, which convert multiple ambient energies simultaneously, show the potential to drive self-powered water purification facilities under fluctuating actual conditions. Here, we propose recent advancements in hybrid energy systems that simultaneously harvest various ambient energies (e.g., photo irradiation, flow kinetic, thermal, and vibration) to drive water purification processes. The mechanisms of various energy harvesters and point-of-use water purification treatments are first outlined. Then we summarize the hybrid energy harvesters that can drive water purification treatment. These hybrid energy harvesters are based on the mechanisms of mechanical and photovoltaic, mechanical and thermal, and thermal and photovoltaic effects. This review provides a comprehensive understanding of the potential for advancing beyond the current state-of-the-art of hybrid energy harvester-driven water treatment processes. Future endeavors should focus on improving catalyst efficiency and developing sustainable hybrid energy harvesters to drive self-powered treatments under unstable conditions (e.g., fluctuating temperatures and humidity).

PMID:37096021 | PMC:PMC10115484 | DOI:10.1007/s11783-023-1718-9


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