Isotope-dilution LC-MS/MS analysis of the elastin crosslinkers desmosine and isodesmosine in acute cerebral stroke patients

RSC Adv. 2022 Nov 7;12(49):31769-31777. doi: 10.1039/d2ra06009d. eCollection 2022 Nov 3.


Utilizing chemically synthesized an isotopically labeled internal standard, isodesmosine-13C3,15N1, an isotope-dilution LC-MS/MS method was established. Concentrations of desmosine and isodesmosine in plasma of acute cerebral stroke patients and healthy controls were determined. The concentration of desmosines was markedly higher in plasma from acute stroke patients compared with healthy controls. Desmosines are thus novel biomarkers for evaluating the extent of vascular injury after acute cerebral stroke.

PMID:36380946 | PMC:PMC9639221 | DOI:10.1039/d2ra06009d


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