Kartogenin delivery systems for biomedical therapeutics and regenerative medicine

Drug Deliv. 2023 Dec;30(1):2254519. doi: 10.1080/10717544.2023.2254519.


Kartogenin, a small and heterocyclic molecule, has emerged as a promising therapeutic agent for incorporation into biomaterials, owing to its unique physicochemical and biological properties. It holds potential for the regeneration of cartilage-related tissues in various common conditions and injuries. Achieving sustained release of kartogenin through appropriate formulation and efficient delivery systems is crucial for modulating cell behavior and tissue function. This review provides an overview of cutting-edge kartogenin-functionalized biomaterials, with a primarily focus on their design, structure, functions, and applications in regenerative medicine. Initially, we discuss the physicochemical properties and biological functions of kartogenin, summarizing the underlying molecular mechanisms. Subsequently, we delve into recent advancements in nanoscale and macroscopic materials for the carriage and delivery of kartogenin. Lastly, we address the opportunities and challenges presented by current biomaterial developments and explore the prospects for their application in tissue regeneration. We aim to enhance the generation of insightful ideas for the development of kartogenin delivery materials in the field of biomedical therapeutics and regenerative medicine by providing a comprehensive understanding of common preparation methods.

PMID:37665332 | PMC:PMC10478613 | DOI:10.1080/10717544.2023.2254519


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