Kinetic characterization of a new phenol degrading Acinetobacter towneri strain isolated from landfill leachate treating bioreactor

World J Microbiol Biotechnol. 2023 Jan 17;39(3):79. doi: 10.1007/s11274-022-03487-y.


The objective of this study was to establish and to mathematically describe the phenol degrading properties of a new Acinetobacter towneri CFII-87 strain, isolated from a bioreactor treating landfill leachate. For this purpose, the biokinetic parameters of phenol biodegradation at various initial phenol concentrations of the A. towneri CFII-87 strain have been experimentally measured, and four different mathematical inhibition models (Haldane, Yano, Aiba and Edwards models) have been used to simulate the substrate-inhibited phenol degradation process. The results of the batch biodegradation experiments show that the new A. towneri CFII-87 strain grows on and metabolizes phenol up to 1000 mg/L concentration, manifests significant substrate inhibition and lag time only at concentrations above 800 mg/L phenol, and has a maximum growth rate at 300 mg/L initial phenol concentration. The comparison of the model predictions with the experimental phenol and biomass data revealed that the Haldane, Aiba and Edwards models can be used with success to describe the phenol biodegradation process by A. towneri CFII-87, while the Yano model, especially at higher initial phenol concentrations, fails to describe the process. The best performing inhibition model was the Edwards model, presenting correlation coefficients of R2 > 0.98 and modelling efficiency of ME > 0.94 for the prediction of biomass and phenol concentrations on the validation datasets. The calculated biokinetic model parameters place this new strain among the bacteria with the highest tolerance towards phenol. The results suggest that the A. towneri CFII-87 strain can potentially be used in the treatment of phenolic wastewaters.

PMID:36646861 | DOI:10.1007/s11274-022-03487-y


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