Marine Biomaterials: Hyaluronan

Mar Drugs. 2023 Jul 27;21(8):426. doi: 10.3390/md21080426.


The marine-derived hyaluronic acid and other natural biopolymers offer exciting possibilities in the field of biomaterials, providing sustainable and biocompatible alternatives to synthetic materials. Their unique properties and abundance in marine sources make them valuable resources for various biomedical and industrial applications. Due to high biocompatible features and participation in biological processes related to tissue healing, hyaluronic acid has become widely used in tissue engineering applications, especially in the wound healing process. The present review enlightens marine hyaluronan biomaterial providing its sources, extraction process, structures, chemical modifications, biological properties, and biocidal applications, especially for wound healing/dressing purposes. Meanwhile, we point out the future development of wound healing/dressing based on hyaluronan and its composites and potential challenges.

PMID:37623707 | PMC:PMC10456333 | DOI:10.3390/md21080426


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