Metal-Organic Framework Reinforced Acrylic Polymer Marine Coatings

Materials (Basel). 2021 Dec 21;15(1):27. doi: 10.3390/ma15010027.


Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), a class of crystalline, porous, 3D materials synthesized by the linking of metal nodes and organic linkers are rapidly emerging as attractive materials in gas storage, electrodes in batteries, super-capacitors, sensors, water treatment, and medicine etc. However the utility of MOFs in coatings, especially in marine coatings, has not been thoroughly investigated. In this manuscript we report the first study on silver MOF (Ag-MOF) functionalized acrylic polymers for marine coatings. A simple and rapid microwave technique was used to synthesize a two-dimensional platelet structured Ag-MOF. Field tests on the MOF reinforced marine coatings exhibited an antifouling performance, which can be attributed to the inhibition of marine organisms to settle as evidenced by the anti-bacterial activity of Ag-MOFs. Our results indicate that MOF based coatings are highly promising candidates for marine coatings.

PMID:35009169 | PMC:PMC8745788 | DOI:10.3390/ma15010027


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