Multi-dimensional variables and feature parameter selection for aboveground biomass estimation of potato based on UAV multispectral imagery

Front Plant Sci. 2022 Jul 29;13:948249. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2022.948249. eCollection 2022.


Aboveground biomass (AGB) is an essential assessment of plant development and guiding agricultural production management in the field. Therefore, efficient and accurate access to crop AGB information can provide a timely and precise yield estimation, which is strong evidence for securing food supply and trade. In this study, the spectral, texture, geometric, and frequency-domain variables were extracted through multispectral imagery of drones, and each variable importance for different dimensional parameter combinations was computed by three feature parameter selection methods. The selected variables from the different combinations were used to perform potato AGB estimation. The results showed that compared with no feature parameter selection, the accuracy and robustness of the AGB prediction models were significantly improved after parameter selection. The random forest based on out-of-bag (RF-OOB) method was proved to be the most effective feature selection method, and in combination with RF regression, the coefficient of determination (R2) of the AGB validation model could reach 0.90, with root mean square error (RMSE), mean absolute error (MAE), and normalized RMSE (nRMSE) of 71.68 g/m2, 51.27 g/m2, and 11.56%, respectively. Meanwhile, the regression models of the RF-OOB method provided a good solution to the problem that high AGB values were underestimated with the variables of four dimensions. Moreover, the precision of AGB estimates was improved as the dimensionality of parameters increased. This present work can contribute to a rapid, efficient, and non-destructive means of obtaining AGB information for crops as well as provide technical support for high-throughput plant phenotypes screening.

PMID:35968116 | PMC:PMC9372391 | DOI:10.3389/fpls.2022.948249


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