Multifunctional role of carbon dot-based polymer nanocomposites in biomedical applications: a review

J Mater Sci. 2023;58(15):6419-6443. doi: 10.1007/s10853-023-08408-4. Epub 2023 Mar 28.


Carbon-based 0D materials have shown tremendous potential in the development of biomedical applications of the next generation. The astounding results are primarily motivated by their distinctive nanoarchitecture and unique properties. Integrating these properties of 0D carbon nanomaterials into various polymer systems has orchestrated exceptional potential for their use in the development of sustainable and cutting-edge biomedical applications such as biosensors, bioimaging, biomimetic implants and many more. Specifically, carbon dots (CDs) have gained much attention in the development of biomedical devices due to their optoelectronic properties and scope of band manipulation upon surface revamping. The role of CDs in reinforcing various polymeric systems has been reviewed along with discussing unifying concepts of their mechanistic aspects. The study also discussed CDs optical properties via the quantum confinement effect and band gap transition which is further useful in various biomedical application studies.

PMID:37065681 | PMC:PMC10044123 | DOI:10.1007/s10853-023-08408-4


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