Generating high-resolution self-packaged liquid metal nanopatterns

In a new report now published in Matter, Licong An, and a team of scientists in materials engineering, industrial engineering, and the nanotechnology center at Purdue University, U.S., and Wuhan… Read more

High-performance heaters based on nanoscale-thick graphite films

Combining multiple carbon nanomaterials in a single substance can yield surprising properties. KAUST researchers have created thin graphite films that could act as high-performance flexible heater panels, reaching several hundred… Read more

Long-hypothesized ‘next generation wonder material’ created for first time

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A Möbius strip constructed solely of carbon atoms

Obtaining structurally uniform nanocarbons in order to properly relate structure and function, ideally as single molecules, is a great challenge in the field of nanocarbon science. Thus, the construction of… Read more

Generating ultra-violet lasers with near-infrared light through ‘domino upconversion’ of nanoparticles

Strong and coherent ultraviolet light emission devices have enormous medical and industrial application potential, but generating ultraviolet light emission in an effective way has been challenging. Recently, a collaborative research… Read more

Highly emissive Sb3+-doped 0D cesium indium chloride nanocrystals with switchable photoluminescence

All-inorganic lead-free luminescent metal halide nanocrystals (NCs) are very important in optoelectronics, but their applications are limited by the low photoluminescence (PL) efficiency. It is an effective approach via ns2-metal… Read more

The small things make a big difference in the science of measurement

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Research team develops wood-based foam to keep buildings cooler

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Developing a better diagnostic nano-probe

Biomarkers are components that may be present in biological samples and are related to specific diseases. Therefore, doctors can analyze biological samples from a patient to check their health condition… Read more

Synthesis of two-dimensional holey graphyne

Diamond and graphite are two naturally occurring carbon allotropes that we have known about for thousands of years. They are elemental carbons that are arranged in a manner so that… Read more