Nearshore bathymetry and seafloor property studies from Space lidars: CALIPSO and ICESat-2

Opt Express. 2022 Sep 26;30(20):36509-36525. doi: 10.1364/OE.471444.


In shallow nearshore waters, seafloor heights and properties can be accurately measured by the current generation of space-based elastic backscatter lidars: CALIOP, flying aboard the CALIPSO satellite and ATLAS aboard ICESat-2. CALIOP’s 532 nm volume depolarization ratios, together with the ratios of the attenuated backscatter coefficients measured at 532 nm and 1064 nm, can efficiently distinguish optically shallow waters from nearby land surfaces and deep oceans. ATLAS’s high vertical resolution photon measurements can accurately determine seafloor depths in shallow water bodies, characterize seafloor reflectance, and provide assessments of ocean biomass concentrations in the intervening water column. By adding bathymetry, seafloor optical properties (e.g., reflectance, depolarization ratio and attenuated backscatter), and nighttime observations, space lidar measurements obtained in nearshore waters can provide a wealth of unique information to complement existing satellite-based ocean color remote sensing capabilities. The results reported here demonstrate the feasibility of using satellite lidars for nearshore seafloor ecosystem analyses, which in turn provide critical insights for studies of coastal navigation and seabed topography changes due to disasters, as well as the temporal and spatial morphological evolution of coastal systems.

PMID:36258578 | DOI:10.1364/OE.471444


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