NIR-IIb fluorescence-image guided synergistic surgery/starvation/chemodynamic therapy: an innovative treatment paradigm for malignant non-small cell lung cancers

Theranostics. 2023 Apr 1;13(7):2176-2191. doi: 10.7150/thno.83753. eCollection 2023.


Background: Currently, the prognosis and survival rate for patients bearing non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is still quite poor, mainly due to lack of efficient theranostic paradigms to exert in time diagnostics and therapeutics. Methods: Herein, for NSCLC treatment, we offer a customized theranostic paradigm, termed NIR-IIb fluorescence diagnosis and synergistic surgery/starvation/chemodynamic therapeutics, with a newly designed theranostic nanoplatform PEG/MnCuDCNPs@GOx. The nanoplatform is composed of brightly NIR-II emissive downconversion nanoparticles (DCNPs)-core and Mn/Cu-silica shell loaded with glucose oxidase (GOx) to achieve synergistic starvation and chemodynamic therapy (CDT). Results: It is found that 10% Ce3+ doped in the core and 100% Yb3+ doped in the middle shell greatly improves the NIR-IIb emission up to even 20.3 times as compared to the core-shell DCNPs without Ce3+ doping and middle shell. The bright NIR-IIb emission of the nanoplatform contributes to sensitive margin delineation of early-stage NSCLC (diameter < 1 mm) with a signal-to-background ratio (SBR) of 2.18, and further assists in visualizing drug distribution and guiding surgery/starvation/chemodynamic therapy. Notably, the starvation therapy mediated by GOx-driven oxidation reaction efficiently depletes intratumoral glucose, and supplies H2O2 to boost the CDT mediated by the Mn2+ and Cu2+, which consequently realized a highly effective synergistic treatment for NSCLC. Conclusion: This research demonstrates an efficient treatment paradigm for NSCLC with NIR-IIb fluorescence diganosis and image-guided synergistic surgery/starvation/chemodynamic therapeutics.

PMID:37153731 | PMC:PMC10157733 | DOI:10.7150/thno.83753


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