Optimizing volumetric surface area of UiO-66 and its functionalized analogs through compression

RSC Adv. 2023 Sep 7;13(38):26892-26895. doi: 10.1039/d3ra03668e. eCollection 2023 Sep 4.


Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have garnered significant attention as gas storage materials due to their exceptional surface areas and customizable pore chemistry. For applications in the storage of small molecules for vehicular transportation, achieving high volumetric capacities is crucial. In this study, we demonstrate the compression of UiO-66 and a series of its functionalized analogs at elevated pressures, resulting in the formation of robust pellets with significantly increased volumetric surface areas. The optimal compression pressure is found to be contingent on the specific nature of the functional group attached to the organic linker in the MOF material.

PMID:37692347 | PMC:PMC10483268 | DOI:10.1039/d3ra03668e


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