Preparation and Performance Analysis of Transformer Aramid Nanopaper-Based Insulating Material Based on Deep Learning

Comput Intell Neurosci. 2022 Aug 11;2022:2282870. doi: 10.1155/2022/2282870. eCollection 2022.


Transformers are an essential part of power production. Insulating paper began to be widely used in transformers in the 1990s. The superior aramid nanofiber as the matrix gives the aramid nano-insulating paper excellent mechanical properties, insulation performance, temperature resistance, and flexibility. At first, the heat resistance and service life of insulating paper should be satisfied for use in electrical equipment. With the continuous development of power equipment, people have put forward higher requirements on the properties of insulating paper, especially heat resistance and electrical properties. Insulation paper made of aramid fibers have better thermal stability and more advantages in electrical and mechanical properties, which can significantly improve the service life and safety of electrical appliances. The purpose of this article is to study the use of aramid nanopaper-based insulating materials in transformers to explore the effect of transformer discharge mechanism on aramid nanopaper-based insulating materials. This paper proposes to design multiple deep learning models to identify the discharge mode of the voltage transformer, find the characteristic signal, and carry out related tests on the discharge signal of different modes, and find the maximum temperature value of the aramid nanopaper-based insulating material for industrial use. The experimental results in this paper show that the aramid nanopaper-based insulating material can be used in transformers discharge detection well, and the safety rate is increased by 20%.

PMID:35990116 | PMC:PMC9388249 | DOI:10.1155/2022/2282870


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