Preparation of Coupling Catalyst HamZIF-90@Pd@CALB with Tunable Hollow Structure for Efficient Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of 1-Phenylethylamine

Molecules. 2023 Jan 17;28(3):922. doi: 10.3390/molecules28030922.


Chiral amines are essential components for many pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. However, the difficulty in obtaining enantiomerically pure amines limits their application. In this study, hollow amorphous ZIF-90 (HamZIF-90) materials were prepared by template engraving, and chemical-enzyme coupling catalysts (HamZIF-90@Pd@CALB) were constructed for the chiral resolution of 1-phenylethylamine. Different from conventional materials, HamZIF-90 had tunable hollow structures by altering its central node zinc ion concentrations, and the embedded hydrogel template gave it more pore structures, which facilitated the loading of enzyme molecules and Pd nanoparticles (NPs). The establishment of the coupling catalysts shortened the mass transfer distance of the reactant molecules between the metal nanoparticles and the enzyme catalyst in the dynamic kinetic resolution (DKR) reaction, resulting in 98% conversion of 1-phenylethylamine and 93% selectivity of Sel.R-amide. The proposal of this idea provided a good idea for future tailor-made MOFs loaded with chemical and enzyme coupled catalyst.

PMID:36770588 | PMC:PMC9920346 | DOI:10.3390/molecules28030922


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