Scenario-Based Distributionally Robust Unit Commitment Optimization Involving Cooperative Interaction with Robots

Inf Syst Front. 2022 Sep 14:1-15. doi: 10.1007/s10796-022-10335-9. Online ahead of print.


With the increasing penetration of renewable energy, uncertainty has become the main challenge of power systems operation. Fortunately, system operators could deal with the uncertainty by adopting stochastic optimization (SO), robust optimization (RO) and distributionally robust optimization (DRO). However, choosing a good decision takes much experience, which can be difficult when system operators are inexperienced or there are staff shortages. In this paper, a decision-making approach containing robotic assistance is proposed. First, advanced clustering and reduction methods are used to obtain the scenarios of renewable generation, thus constructing a scenario-based ambiguity set of distributionally robust unit commitment (DR-UC). Second, a DR-UC model is built according to the above time-series ambiguity set, which is solved by a hybrid algorithm containing improved particle swarm optimization (IPSO) and mathematical solver. Third, the above model and solution algorithm are imported into robots that assist in decision making. Finally, the validity of this research is demonstrated by a series of experiments on two IEEE test systems.

PMID:36118952 | PMC:PMC9472199 | DOI:10.1007/s10796-022-10335-9


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