Shaping of Porous CeO2 Powders into Highly Active Catalyst Carriers

ACS Appl Eng Mater. 2023 Mar 29;1(4):1106-1115. doi: 10.1021/acsaenm.2c00214. eCollection 2023 Apr 28.


CeO2 is attracting more and more attention because of its outstanding performance in heterogeneous catalysis, as an active support and a reaction promoter in reactions of industrial interest. We herein describe a novel and scalable manufacturing process of mm-sized CeO2 spheres by a combination of extrusion and spheronization of CeO2 porous powders. In this study, wet paste formulation and fabrication procedures were optimized, and as a result methylcellulose was identified as the best plasticizer for paste extrusion to provide well-defined spherical shapes and smooth surfaces, as well as reproducible batches. After nickel impregnation (10 wt %), the catalytic performance of CeO2 supports was evaluated in the CO2 methanation reaction (T = 250-350 °C, P = 5 bar·g) and compared with that of commercial Al2O3 spheres doped or not with CeO2. These novel CeO2-based catalysts are easily reduced at a moderate temperature and more active than the Al2O3 analogues, particularly at low reaction temperatures and small reactor volumes, properties that make their implementation in emerging reactor configurations very promising.

PMID:37152715 | PMC:PMC10153443 | DOI:10.1021/acsaenm.2c00214


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