Soil conditions on bacterial wilt disease affect bacterial and fungal assemblage in the rhizosphere

AMB Express. 2022 Aug 29;12(1):110. doi: 10.1186/s13568-022-01455-1.


Natural soil has the ability to suppress the soil-borne pathogen to a certain extent, and the assemblage of soil microbiome plays a crucial role in maintaining such ability. Long-term monoculture accelerates the forms of soil microbiome and leads to either disease conducive or suppressive soils. Here, we explored the impact of soil conditions on bacterial wilt disease (healthy or diseased) under long-term tobacco monoculture on the assemblage of bacterial and fungal communities in bulk and rhizosphere soils during the growth periods. With Illumina sequencing, we compared the bacterial and fungal composition of soil samples from tobacco bacterial wilt diseased fields and healthy fields in three growth periods. We found that Proteobacteria and Ascomycota were the most abundant phylum for bacteria and fungi, respectively. Factors of soil conditions and tobacco growth periods can significantly influence the microbial composition in bulk soil samples, while the factor of soil conditions mainly determined the microbial composition in rhizosphere soil samples. Next, rhizosphere samples were further analyzed with LEfSe to determine the discriminative taxa affected by the factor of soil conditions. For bacteria, the genus Ralstonia was found in the diseased soils, whereas the genus Flavobacterium was the only shared taxon in healthy soils; for fungi, the genus Chaetomium was the most significant taxon in healthy soils. Besides, network analysis confirmed that the topologies of networks of healthy soils were higher than that of diseased soils. Together, our results suggest that microbial assemblage in the rhizosphere will be largely affected by soil conditions especially after long-term monoculture.

PMID:36036292 | PMC:PMC9424452 | DOI:10.1186/s13568-022-01455-1


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