Study on the Preparation of Clean Liquid Fuel by Wide Fraction High-Temperature Coal Tar Deep Hydro-Upgrading on a Pilot Plant Trickle Bed Reactor

ACS Omega. 2022 Dec 15;7(51):48163-48172. doi: 10.1021/acsomega.2c06202. eCollection 2022 Dec 27.


High-temperature coal tar contains a high content of heavy components, and the mechanism of its hydrogenation to fuel oil has not been completely revealed at present. In this work, clean environmental friendly fuel oil was obtained from wide fraction high-temperature coal tar (WHTCT) hydrotreated in a three-stage continuous pilot-scale trickle bed reactor filled with commercial catalysts. The effect of reaction temperature (345-405 °C), reaction pressure (10-18 MPa), and LHSV (0.2-0.4 h-1) on the product properties was investigated while the hydrogen/oil ratio remained constant (2000:1). Simultaneously, four lumped kinetic models were established to study the effects of reaction conditions on each component and interconversion between them. The results showed that the increase in temperature and pressure and the decrease in LHSV can effectively improve the quality of products. Under the reaction conditions of a temperature of 390 °C, a pressure of 16 MPa, an LHSV of 0.25 h-1, and a hydrogen/oil ratio of 2000:1, the S and N in the feedstocks can be reduced from 4600 and 6800 μg/g to 24.06 and 14.32 μg/g in the products, respectively. So WHTCT can be used as a suitable feed to obtain gasoline and low-freezing point diesel blending components through hydrogenation. Tail oil (TO) can easily be converted into diesel fraction (DF) and gasoline fraction (GF) with high selectivity. DF can be converted into GF only at higher temperatures, and GF hardly undergoes cracking to gas. The established kinetic model can accurately predict the content of TO, DF, GF, and gas of the products. Therefore, the results can provide a certain valuable reference for further development of industrial applications.

PMID:36591206 | PMC:PMC9798775 | DOI:10.1021/acsomega.2c06202


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