The Influence of the Matrix Selection and the Unification Process on the Key Parameters of the Conductive Graphene Layers on a Flexible Substrate

Materials (Basel). 2023 Jan 31;16(3):1238. doi: 10.3390/ma16031238.


Screen-printed graphene layers on flexible substrates are one of the most advanced printed electronics developments of recent years. Obtaining thin, flexible, highly conductive components, whose applications are increasingly directed towards biomedical engineering and even medicine, requires an in-depth understanding of the correct choice of materials and procedures. Our work was aimed at investigating the influence of homogenisation in the triple rolling process over pastes dedicated to the screen printing technology, on their rheological parameters and the properties of the prints. The effect of selecting a suitable polymer matrix and different packing of graphene flakes was evaluated. Several studies were carried out, which can provide an excellent knowledge base in the context of graphene screen-printing pastes. Paste rheology, printability, path thickness, sheet resistance and adhesion to the substrate were investigated. Selected layers were also subjected to SEM imaging.

PMID:36770245 | DOI:10.3390/ma16031238


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