The use of patient-reported measures in epilepsy care: the Calgary Comprehensive Epilepsy Program experience

J Patient Rep Outcomes. 2021 Oct 12;5(Suppl 2):83. doi: 10.1186/s41687-021-00356-4.


The regular use of patient-reported measures (PRMs) has been associated with greater patient satisfaction and outcomes. In this article, we will review the Calgary Comprehensive Epilepsy Program’s successful experience with PRMs in both clinical and research settings, as well as our current challenges and future directions. Our experience will illustrate that is feasible and convenient to implement PRMs, and especially electronic PRMs (ePRMs), into epilepsy clinics. These PRMs have direct clinical and research applications. They inform clinical decision making through readily interpretable scales to which clinicians can expeditiously respond. Equally, they are increasingly forming an integral and central component of intervention and outcomes-based research. However, implementation studies are necessary to address knowledge gaps and facilitate adoption and dissemination of this approach. A natural symbiosis of the clinical and research realms is precision medicine. The foundations of precision-based interventions are now being set whereby we can maximize the quality of life and psychosocial functioning on an individual level. As illustrated in this article, this exciting prospect crucially depends on the routine use of ePRMs in the everyday care of people with epilepsy. Increasing ePRMs uptake will clearly be a catalyst propelling precision epilepsy from aspiration to clinical reality.

PMID:34636998 | PMC:PMC8505782 | DOI:10.1186/s41687-021-00356-4


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