TiO2-Ag-NP adhesive photocatalytic films able to disinfect living indoor spaces with a straightforward approach

Sci Rep. 2023 Mar 14;13(1):4200. doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-31464-4.


TiO2-Ag doped nanoparticulate (TiO2-Ag-NP) adhesive photocatalytic films were used to assess the ability in dropping down the burden of indoor microbial particles. The application of an easy-to use photocatalytic adhesive film to cleanse indoor living spaces from microbial pollution, represents a novelty in the field of photocatalytic devices. Reduction was attained by photocatalysis in selected spaces, usually with overcrowding (≥ 3 individuals) in the common working daily hours, and upon indoor microclimate monitoring. TiO2-Ag doped nanoparticulate (TiO2-Ag-NP) adhesive photocatalytic films were applied within five types of living spaces, including schools and job places. The microbial pollution was assessed at time 0 (far from routine clean, ≥ 9 h) and throughout 2-4 weeks following the photocatalyst application by relative light unit (RLU) luminometry and microbial indirect assessment (colony forming units per cubic meter, CFU/m3). TiO2-Ag-NP photocatalyst reduced RLU and CFU/m3 by rates higher than 70% leading to RLU ≤ 20 and microbial presence ≤ 35 CFU/m3. The described TiO2-Ag-NP is able to reduce microbial pollution to the lowest RLU threshold (≤ 20) within 60 min in open daylight in a standardized test room of 100 m2. The correlation between RLU and CFU/m3 was positive (r = 0.5545, p < 0.05), assessing that the microbial reduction of indoor areas by the TiO2-Ag-NP adhesive film was real. Titania photocatalysts represent promising tools to ensure air cleaning and sanitization in living indoor microclimates with a low cost, feasible and straightforward approach. This approach represents an easy to handle, cost effective, feasible and efficacious approach to reduce microbial pollution in indoor spaces, by simply attaching a TiO2-Ag-NP adhesive film on the wall.

PMID:36918713 | PMC:PMC10011799 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-023-31464-4


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