Toward the Continuous Production of Multigram Quantities of Highly Uniform Supported Metallic Nanoparticles and Their Application for Synthesis of Superior Intermetallic Pt-Alloy ORR Electrocatalysts

ACS Appl Energy Mater. 2021 Dec 27;4(12):13819-13829. doi: 10.1021/acsaem.1c02570. Epub 2021 Nov 23.


A fast and facile pulse combustion (PC) method that allows for the continuous production of multigram quantities of high-metal-loaded and highly uniform supported metallic nanoparticles (SMNPs) is presented. Namely, various metal on carbon (M/C) composites have been prepared by using only three feedstock components: water, metal-salt, and the supporting material. The present approach can be elegantly utilized also for numerous other applications in electrocatalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, and sensors. In this study, the PC-prepared M/C composites were used as metal precursors for the Pt NPs deposition using double passivation with the galvanic displacement method (DP method). Lastly, by using thin-film rotating disc electrode (TF-RDE) and gas-diffusion electrode (GDE) methodologies, we show that the synergistic effects of combining PC technology with the DP method enable production of superior intermetallic Pt-M electrocatalysts with an improved oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) performance when compared to a commercial Pt-Co electrocatalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) application.

PMID:34977474 | PMC:PMC8715446 | DOI:10.1021/acsaem.1c02570


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